Project: Sicura.

What is sicura.

Sicura is a fashion accessory that allows users to connect their devices to their Sicura charm for constant location tracking. Our charm is connected to our user's device; allowing them to select which contacts they want to send their location to. The world can be unpredictable and scary; that's why our team has created a product to provide users with a way of connecting with their contacts discretely. To increase opportunities to signalling for help, our team strives to create safety products that blend seamlessly into our user's everyday life.

Our problem space.

As violence is becoming increasingly prominent in our society, many fear the potential of being harmed during their outings. Displaying distress or verbalizing the need for help may escalate some situations; that's why Sicura has been designed to contact help discretely. Our product can be used to deescalate a potential threat in every stage; it can allow contacts to know where the user is before, during, and after a potential threat while having the tracking history that could be used for investigations afterward.

Our target audience ranges from young to middle-aged adults (approximately ages 18-40). Though this product is outside production, if we were to move on with development, our team would strive to make more designs suitable for a broader range of users. Safely is at the forefront; in the future, we would also have to look into ways to reduce all-time tracking to ensure our user's privacy.


Hover over the Figma panel and expand the screen OR click on the white banner (located on the bottom of the Figma panel) to interact with our product.