Game Jam: Farmer's Blade.

Meet our protagonist, Roody.

In a farm far away, there lives a man named Roody. Roody was known for his excellent farming abilities and has been producing high quality crops until he spotted his garden wilting at an alarming pace. Though his crops were wilting, he noticed that the plants leading further into the forest seemed to be brimming with life. As absurd as it sounds, apples started to grow limbs and wandered the forest as if they were protecting something. What could be the cause of this evil?

About Farmer's Blade.

Farmer's Blade was a 5 day project, created in collaboration with Ryan Tram. Within these 5 days, we were given the theme, roots, and created an entire game with little to no game development knowledge. The programming and music/SFX were done by Ryan Tram while the art assets and animations were done by myself. While we are still working on a future update, Ryan and I aim to hone our skills game development skills to further develop Roody's adventure!

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