Project: Envira.

What is ENVIRa.

Envira combines greenhouse farming with technology to create a digital twin (a way of accessing and controlling a physical space through digital means). Using different types of sensors, farmers can control their crop yields through their devices while getting suggestions and reports about how their crops are doing; reducing the amount of on-site time for farmers. Having to manage hundreds of dozens of agriculture can be daunting. Envira was designed to help farmers maximize their crop's potential all year round while giving them time to focus on areas of their business that need more attention.

Our problem space.

Agriculture is a demanding field, entailing dozens of staff, countless equipment, and crop success uncertainty. While inflation is on the rise, wilting crops can reduce farmers' sales and inflate consumer prices. Envira provides a way to help farmers raise their crop success rate and allows farmers to focus on specific crops or aspects of their business that require more attention. With Envira, farmers can schedule and control when different tools and sensors gather information, ultimately making the greenhouse self-sustainable. The metrics gathered from the various sensors will support Envira's AI technology, recommending different chances to help sustain specific crops to optimize the growing experience. Our team notices the strain food prices can have on the economy and wants to help reduce food prices, all while also creating ease for those working in the agricultural industry.

Hover over the Figma panel and expand the screen OR click on the white banner (located on the bottom of the Figma panel) to interact with our product.