Game Jam: Pande-MEOW-nium.

The workday Doesn't stop.

Embark on a hilarious and chaotic remote work adventure in "Pande-Meow-nium," where you play as a diligent remote worker attempting to meet deadlines from the comfort of their home. However, there's a mischievous twist, as your less-than-diligent cat is determined to turn the workday into absolute chaos!

As you navigate through tight deadlines, your adorable, lovable, and ultimately unhelpful cat will stop at nothing to distract you and hinder your progress. Balance your attention from your furry friend and keeping your job. Mess with your friends and have fun!


Pande-MEOW-nium was a 4 day project, created in collaboration with Ryan Tram and William King. The 2024 Game Jam's theme was "make me laugh", and our team decided to interpret it as players laughing amongst each other. Taking inspiration from games such as Overcooked, we wanted to embrace chaos and make a game that would make us, the developers, laugh. The programming was done by William with Ryan assisting him. Ryan was in charge of creating music/SFX, and helped integrate UI assets into the program as well. All art assets were done by myself (with the exception of the home screen being made using Midjourney and edited in Adobe Photoshop). Our team aims to further develop this game on our own leisure moving forward.

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